Toothfairy Roll-On

TOOTHFAIRY is a safe and gentle blend for your little one, designed to help soothe and relieve the discomfort of teething. This unique blend of calming oils, soothes soreness and promotes a peaceful night’s rest for even the fussiest tot. Our tranquil blend helps alleviate their growing pains, ensuring a good night’s sleep for baby, and for you.

Naturopath Formulated Blend  Crafted exclusively by Sleep Story Australia’s in-house Naturopath, our Practitioner range of Roll-On Blends are here to help you live your best life. Sourced responsibly in Australia, we use only the highest quality, pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to enhance your self-care game.  See for yourself why our blends are essential!

Crowned with: This unique blend is applied with a genuine crystal RAINBOW FLOURITE roller ball.

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