Aromatherapy Bath Teas

We totally get it! We too are often guilty of ignoring our own needs and have to make a conscious effort to set aside time each week to indulge ourselves in our favorite things.  This is why we have developed these beautiful bath teas, not only is it a quick and pleasurable way to indulge in some pampering, it doesn't require trying to look human or combing hair (yay!). Added bonus? These Naturopath formulated bath teas pack a powerful dose of body, mind and soul goodness that will repay you ten-folds in days after when it comes to feeling a heck more energized as well as taking the edge feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and general irritation at the world. So let the tensions of the life float away and soak in the awesome benefits of our unique blend of pure botanical and mineral salts bath teas.