Stars - Deep Sleep Room & Pillow Spray

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Transform your room into a haven for sleep with our tranquil and soothing Stars Room Mist. A few spritz of this lavender and vanilla scented calming room mist around your your room or directly on your pillows will have you seeing stars as you drift quickly off into a much deserved sleep.

This comforting room spray is made with Lavender, regarded for its balancing and calming properties, beneficial for relieving stress and irritability and can also help to relieve insomnia and establish balanced sleeping patterns. It further supports a restful sleep as it helps to relax the muscles and reduce anxious thoughts. Vanilla is also essential to the formula as it acts as a natural antidepressant, helping to relieve feelings of anger, anxiety and restlessness. This combination not only smells beautiful but helps to induce a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

Naturopath Formulated Blend  formulated exclusively for Sleep Story Australia by our certified in-house Naturopath. We use only the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, energised with the powerful energy of an Amethyst crystal to create this all-natural mood enhancer support. Every single product in our range has passed our "would we" test - and we are happy to say that, every bottle, we would have no problem giving it to our own friends and family to use. This is how confident we are about the quality and effectiveness of our products. 

100% Pure Essential OilsNo SyntheticsNaturopath formulatedPreservatives FreeFine Mist SprayCruelty Free

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