Heaven - Sleep for Kids Face Mist

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Achieve calm and restful slumber with our soothing Heaven Deep Sleep Face Mist, this gentle blend is specially formulated to support your child's natural sleep cycle, establish a balanced sleeping pattern and soothe emotional stress. Sweet dreams are made in Heaven. 

Simply spray this soothing face mist just before bedtime, and your child will be drifting off to dreamland with ease. This gentle aromatherapy blend contains pure, therapeutic-grade Lavender, Chamomile, Rosalina and Vetiver essential oils and is crafted by our certified Naturopath.

Naturopath Formulated Blend  with natural ingredients that are specially formulated by our certified Naturopath for their beneficial properties to relieve emotional stress and improve sleep for children. This soothing face mist is energised with genuine Amethyst crystal to help calm the nervous system and alleviate anxiety, Chamomile to help calm the mind (while also soothing the skin and reducing inflammation), Rosalina for its grounding and calming properties and Vetiver for its ability to soothe anxiety and distress.

100% Pure Essential OilsNo SyntheticsNaturopath formulatedPreservatives FreeFine Mist SprayCruelty Free

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