Fresh Roll-On

FRESH is the perfect caffeine-free support for groggy mornings and the dreaded afternoon slump. Wake refreshed and ready—this popular citrus blend will have you kissing your snooze button good bye! Tune into your natural zest for life through this energizing burst of perk-me-up and go without the hefty caffeine crash. Recharge and amp up your vitality and breeze through your day naturally.

Naturopath Formulated Blend  Crafted exclusively by Sleep Story Australia’s in-house Naturopath, our Practitioner range of Roll-On Blends are here to help you live your best life. Sourced responsibly in Australia, we use only the highest quality, pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to enhance your self-care game.  See for yourself why our blends are essential!

Crowned with:  This unique blend is applied with a genuine crystal YELLOW AVENTURINE roller ball.

Naturopath formulated100% Pure Essential OilsCrystal HealingNo Synthetics

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