Cloud9 Mood-Up Face Mist

Float through life on clouds of happiness with Cloud9 our brand new add to our mist family. This blend is formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils that trigger your brain to release feel-good hormones to uplift your spirits and bring a smile back to your face. Breath in the positive vibes and brighten the dullest of days with a spritz of our loving Cloud9 blend. 

Naturopath Formulated Blend  Our Practitioner range of Face Mists have been formulated exclusively for Sleep Story Australia by our in-house Naturopath. We use only the highest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, energised with the powerful energy of Rose Quartz crystal to create this all-natural support for happiness booster. 

100% Pure Essential OilsNo SyntheticsNaturopath formulatedPreservatives FreeFine Mist SprayCruelty Free

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