Energy & Brain Fog

Our energy levels are dependent on a good number of factors which include good sleep, consuming healthy food, your thyroid function and how great your stress management is. However, there is one supporting player on the better energy all-star team that’s often overlooked: essential oils.

We often don’t think about it, but deep breathing is directly connected to better energy. One reason why many people have an energy deficit is because they’re taking such shallow breaths all the time and there isn’t enough oxygen flowing through the body and to the brain. Specific essential oils are linked to deeper breathing that can provide respiratory support. 

Fatigue sometimes can also stem from a mood imbalance. Chronic stress and depression can lead to chronic fatigue. This is where mood-boosting essential oils such as orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit can work wonders in mood-boosting because  memory and smell are so intricately linked.